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Improving Community Care

iQ Magazine, Second Quarter 2006  

Even smaller hospitals with limited budgets are realizing that network-based technologies can enhance care and staff productivity while reducing operating costs.  Learn are how three hospitals are using a variety of technology—mobile nurse call monitoring, RFID locator tags, and wireless patient monitoring systems—to assist their patient care.  Read More »

The Wireless Touch

Hospitality Technology, June 2006

Wireless point-of-sale systems offer restaurants a number of benefits such as turning tables faster, delivering more accurate orders, and maximizing server productivity and customer satisfaction.  As a result, there's no question why restaurants are remaking themselves with wireless handheld systemsRead More »

Keep Your Eye on the Blogs

Fuel, May 2006 

About 75,000 new blogs are created every day.  Learn how companies of all sizes are having their employees monitor blogs, message boards, and chat rooms to gain valuable customer insight.  Read More »

Internal Communication

Hospitality Technology, May 2006

Hotels are beginning to improve their original intranets and portals for internal communication and messaging. These solutions provide greater access to staff members and streamline operations. Marriott International and Cendant Hotel Group provide two examples.  Read More »

Philosophy Supports Growth with Technology

iQ magazine, First Quarter 2006

Philosophy’s new networking and voice over IP system saved the day when the cosmetic company landed on Oprah’s 2005 “Favorite Things” list and handled 634 orders just 30 minutes after the announcement. The technology provides a customer-relationship tool for reps to work in real-time and better handle customer calls.  Read More »

The Power of Security

Hospitality Technology , March 2006

Network security breaches continue to threaten customer confidence, productivity, and companies’ bottom lines. Learn how Church’s, Riviera Hotel & Casino, and Real Mex handle the challenges of keeping intruders out of the company’s computer system.  Read More »

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Read the Fine Print

Higher EdTech , Winter 2005

IT contracts in higher education are not as simple as in the past. CIOs at Bowdoin College, Marquette University, Bentley College, and Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering share the latest trends and negotiating tips for success.  Read More »

Texas Clinic Prescribes Technology for Total Wellness

Cisco's iQ magazine , Special Hispanic Edition 2005

Progressive community leaders in a poor section of El Paso, Texas, are bringing technology and healthcare to its children. Its data network and IP telephony solutions are making all the difference for these kids' future.  Read More »

The Power of Time

Hospitality Technology , Nov/Dec 2005

Restaurants and hotels are turning to labor management software to improve productivity, provide better service, reduce costs, and track accurate working hours. Learn a variety of solutions from Ritz Carlton, Morrette's King Steak House, and JRM Bakeries' Cinnabon.  Read More »

Government Technology: Community Connections

Cisco's iQ magazine , Fourth Quarter 2005

Local governments are building powerful environments through technology. Learn how communities in Washington, California, and Illinois are using wireless networking and Internet Protocol (IP) Communications to help serve citizens and increase productivity.  Read More »

The Power of One

CMO, October 2005

Bike Friday built a community of customer evangelists through its bike clubs, referral rewards program, and newsletters. Learn its secrets of successful product evangelism that helped garner more than a third of its 10,000 customers and $1.3 million in revenue.  Read More »

Marketing Goes Mobile

iQ magazine , Third Quarter 2005

Smart marketers rely on media buys through the wireless Web and text messaging to reach and engage younger consumers. Learn the most important strategy for mobile success and who is doing what.  Read More »

What is Community-based Marketing?

CMO, June 2005

This primer on community-based marketing unfolds how this tactic can engender customer loyalty and brand advocacy. Learn why customers want to be part of a community and the benefits to this marketing technique.  Read More »

Networking Delivers Healthy Connections

iQ magazine , Second Quarter 2005

Technology links healthcare providers for community success and patient safety. Learn why the trend toward community health networks is redefining the healthcare environment today.  Read More »

The Franchise Friend

Hospitality Technology , June 2005

Broadband connections are redefining restaurant communications. Learn how these franchises use broadband connections with franchisees for corporate intranets, feedback, and faster credit card processing.  Read More »

A Healthier Kind of Room Service

Business 2.0, April 2005

Tired of dragging yourself to the hotel gym? These hotels bring the equipment to you. Learn how this new "room service" is the hottest trend for traveling fitness buffs.  Read More »

Technology to Go

Hospitality Technology , April 2005

The take-out/to go market accounted for 58 percent of restaurant sales. Learn how Applebee's, Hardee's, and Burger King use wireless networks and online ordering for efficiency.  Read More »

Retailing Technology: Out of the Stone Age

Campus Technology , February 2005

Wireless handheld Palms are just one new tool found in campus bookstores today to alleviate lines and track inventory. Read how Duke University, Bowling Green State, and others use innovative technology.  Read More »

Colleges Make the Grade

iQ Magazine , First Quarter 2005

Smaller colleges are connecting vision with technology to deliver quality in higher education. Bryant University, Bowdoin, and SAIT are just a few of those leading the way in networked campuses.  Read More »

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CRM Claims the Corner OfficeCOVER STORY

Customer Relationship Management, November 2004

Chief customer officers from Campbell Soup Company, Colorado Springs Utilities, and The Evercare Company describe how this executive level position adds value to the organizations and their customers.  Read More »

Finding Workers Who Fit

Business 2.0, November 2004

The Container Store built a booming business for neatniks—who turned out to be its best employees. Natural passion plus 241 training hours translates to top-notch customer service.  Read More »

Boosting Business Performance Through Benchmarking

Financial Executive, November 2004

Benchmarking and business performance management tools can do much to increase efficiency and productivity. Learn how St. John's Hospital and SAS combine these tools to achieve success.  Read More »

Home Depot Army Recruiting

HR Innovator, October 2004

The Home Depot is recruiting soldiers for its army of sales associates. This partnership with the U.S. government benefits military families, The Home Depot, and customers.  Read More »

A Laboratory for Work/Life

HR Innovator, July/August 2004

Lancaster Laboratories makes progressive HR part of its winning formula. Learn how its pioneering decisions, workplace culture, and benefits all contribute to being a "great place to work."  Read More »

Keeping Work and Life in Balance

T+D, July 2004

Organizations such as Lancaster Laboratories and Ernst & Young are helping employees keep work and life in balance, which ultimately improves productivity and boosts the bottom line.  Read More »

Flour Power

Business 2.0, June 2004

King Arthur Flour nurtures customers through its online Baking Circle, which boasts nearly 100,000 members. It cultivates brand loyalty naturallyjust like its chemical-free products.  Read More »

Virtual Communities at Caterpillar Foster Knowledge Sharing

T+D, June 2004

A small grass-roots initiative at Caterpillar evolved into a successful, enterprisewide process with projected savings of $75 million—and 3,000 tightly focused communities of practice.  Read More »

CRM Starts in the Executive Suite

Customer Relationship Management, March 2004

Leading organizations place "chief customer officers" in the executive office to maintain a customer-centric culture. Learn how this strategy can help build on the technology of CRM.  Read More »

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