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Stand in Line

Placing ads in portable restrooms is gaining appeal

Fuel, January 2007

by Vicki Powers

Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water has long relied on the Yellow Pages, billboard advertising, direct sales, and ad insertions to generate new business in what has become a highly competitive industry. Now, the Escondido, Calif.-based company is taking its marketing to the most peculiar of places: the portable restroom. Talk about reaching a captive audience. After all, in addition to death and taxes, answering the call of nature is one of the few certainties in life.

This emerging form of outdoor advertising, offered since May 2006 by Toronto-based Micro Target Media, allows companies to purchase advertising space on the outside or inside of a portable restroom. MTM has even developed special exterior materials that let advertisers wrap their message around a portable restroom to enhance brand equity. Over the past several months, MTM has successfully implemented pilot programs with Palomar, Major League Baseball, Ford, Universal Records, NASCAR and GlaxoSmithKline.

“Because people are so close to the advertising and it’s something so new, we find people standing in front of the [ad-wrapped] restrooms getting their picture taken,” says Danielle Jennings, senior vice president, Marketing Communications and Special Event Sales at Micro Target Media. “It’s fascinating to watch people engage with the advertising--and something none of us assumed would happen.”

Of course, advertisers demand measurable results. And to meet those demands, MTM developed a proprietary technology that provides companies with real-time, Web-based proof of performance.

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